keyzmo reviews

James B.

Oct 7, 2021

“Keyzmo is a little life saver.”

Keyzmo is a little life saver, our son's bicycle brake malfunctioned and needed to be adjusted to work properly. I pulled out Keyzmo and adjusted the tension screw in less than a minute.  Now our Son's bike stops on a dime, thank you!

Heather M.

Sept 24, 2021

“I wish I had know about Keyzmo years ago.”

I'm constantly using Keyzmo during my camping trips. From cutting line to opening bottles, I wish I had know about Keyzmo years ago.

Robert V.

Sept 17, 2021

“Solid construction, works like a charm!”

I thought this was a gimmick at first but after reading the positive reviews I decided to give it a try.  After weeks of trying Keyzmo on dozens of items around my house it now permanently hangs on my keychain.  Solid construction, works like a charm!

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