The key to living life on your terms
Preparing for life’s journeys can be as simple as having the right tool in your hands. With Keyzmo, you have the peace of mind to tackle adventure however you define it.
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Keyzmo on the trail

Join the growing community of nature enthusiasts that are putting Keyzmo on their list of essential gear for their next outdoor excursion.

Where to keep it

Clip it to your backpack or belt, keep it in your pocket, or add it to your keychain. At less than an ounce, Keyzmo will never weigh you down.

When to bring it

Hiking, camping, biking, fishing, and anywhere else where a little preparation will go a long way.

What to do with it

Here are just a few ideas: strip some fishing wire, sharpen a stick for your campfire, measure the bass you just caught, tighten a screw or bolt on your camping stove, check your bike spokes, and crack open a cold one at the end of a hard day’s work.

Keyzmo at home

Your house key opens your front door. Your Keyzmo opens a whole world of possibility once you step inside.

Where to keep it

Place it in a kitchen drawer, hook it by your front door, or loop it on your keychain. Keyzmo is hard to lose because it’s so hard to forget.

Why you’ll want it

Keyzmo does the work of over a dozen individual tools, and saves you the work of digging through your toolbox when there’s a job to be done right now.

What to do with it

Tighten a wobbly screw in your nightstand, slice open that delivery package without getting tape all over the place, replace the batteries in your kids’ toys, strip a wire for your gardening project, open a can of paint, and pop open a beer just because. Conquer life’s little tasks and get back to living.

Open adventure’s doors.  
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